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We at Digikashmir believe that every intense mind searches for possible platforms to give a voice to their passion of writing. Our readers are our guests and they always hold a priority. So for this we allow our willing readers who happen to be writers too and anyone around looking forward to give their writing skills a try, to share their articles, their opinions, their thoughts and their stories.


  • Articles you submit should be both written and owned by you. We don’t accept plagiarized content and if your submission is found to be copied/plagiarized, all your future submissions may get ignored.
  • Make proper use of citations if necessary.
  • The minimum article length should be 300 words and maximum word count is not a limitation.
  • Don’t submit content already published, whether on any online channel or any print media. We accept only original content that is not previously published.
  • Our Editors will decide the category your article belongs to if not mentioned by you. So we recommend to go through our categories to get an idea of what we often publish.


Send your article (as a Text or Word document), your full name, and your phone number to contact@digikashmir.in or use the form provided below.


Do I get paid to contribute?

No. You grab a chance to get featured on our website and your articles will be accompanied by your name and credits will be given to you where ever necessary.

Am I eligible to contribute?

Yes if you are not a bot, You are eligible. You just need to be a human. And writers need no degrees to express.

 Who owns the article I submit and do you edit it?

Just you. But we as a medium of publishing your content reserve all rights to use or modify it as required (keeping main idea of your submission intact) and by submitting your content you grant us royalty free rights to use it. Yes obviously as previously mentioned all credits will be given to the author.

Do we publish everything we receive?

Simply No. Because we can’t compromise on quality for our readers.

How many days it takes to publish?

Can’t say. May be an hour, a day or in a week depending upon the importance, relevance and demand of the situation. The no. of entries we receive also creates an impact unless your content is a hot cake.

 I want to ask something else. It’s not mentioned here.

Please write to us at contact@digikashmir.in. Note that we may not be able to respond to each and every query we receive.

 I am a creative writer and want to submit articles other than news and opinions.

Oh ! you mean poetry and other stuff that most people often don’t understand. No issues we have a space for people like you also. You can submit your story here and read similar stories from people like you too. We love creativity and creative people.

 We know Kashmir is a pool of talent and DigiKashmir welcomes you  to be a part of this E-magazine

Use the form below to send your article directly. For any further assistance or queries, please feel free to contact us.

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