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Hard work is ‘not’ the key to success!

So you might be thinking that the author has gone insane? As you might have always heard everybody saying that the only way to success is “hard work” but let me today change your mind…

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What is NanoTechnology ?

Nano technology is an emerging science with great promise and prospect. It’s a field where different branches of science and technology converge ,the basic idea is nothing but to build or construct structures, devices, machines or…

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An apology to my wife

Baby I don’t know how to start cause you know I ain’t that smart but a thing I know, I hurt you a lot Its only me having an artificial heart Please forgive for causing…

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What people want?

We have created this poll to assess what people of J&K want and let the world know the same.

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Introspect – Mushtaque B Barq

Done with me, have one silly slip On a sunny day, a bird, flew Above my country side, a whip Of ill will, I did employ a new Brought it down For better town. None…

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No Mercy: Tehrik Taliban Pakistan

No Mercy: Tehrik Taliban Pakistan By Raqib Hameed Naik 16th of December 2014, The day which will be written in Red-Bold -Capital Letters in the world History. It was the day on which Humanity was…