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deafness as disability

An endearing voice from the ocean of silence

An interview with Mohammad Aslam Richard Seymour Redmond was a great artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA in the year 1871 got deafness and it is because of his aptitude and his contribution in the world…


From Naat-Khawan to Singer, what made him change

Faizan used to call people for Ṣalāh (“Muslim prayer”). He was a Naat-Khawan but now he is a singer. What really happened? This is what he has to say: “When I was studying in 10th standard,…

by hirra sultan


There were tags being handed over saying it was sinful; dishonest something that didn’t go well with society something so gross and unethical They sat down wondering “What all had we done wrong?” What were the blames for…


He Is A National Level Martial Arts Winner

He is Hazik Khajawal and he proved a very famous proverb that appearances are often deceptive. Who could imagine this slim looking lad can win a martial arts championship at a national level. But he did….