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Finding The Panda Gone Viral Over Internet

Last week, illustrator Gergely Dudás — who goes by the pen name Dudolf — posted this drawing to his Facebook page, challenging readers to spot a panda in an army of snowmen. Can you spot the…

crorepati beggar from india

Meet this Crorepati Beggar from India

This story will make you think once again if you are in profitable job. He is Pappu Kumar, a handicapped. But this crorepati beggar from India has 4 bank accounts. He has a property worth 1.25…


Snapdeal #AppWapsi: New way to protest against Aamir Khan

Controversies sparked by remarks made by Aamir Khan about Intolerance and its effects in India. However snapdeal had to suffer the most. As, this e-commerce giant happens to have Aamir Khan as a brand ambassador, people have started…