Salary Of These IPL Players Will Shock You

Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) on Friday, released the payment list of Top Indian and International cricketers who were retained by their corresponding IPL teams. This list was made public just 3…


A delicious kashmiri cuisine and how to prepare it

Kashmiri cuisine (Kashmiri: कॉशुर खयॊन / کأشُر کھٮ۪ن; Kashur khyon) is based on the ancient traditions of Kashmir. It is also eaten among the Kashmiri diaspora in Pakistan. The most notable ingredient in today’s Kashmir…

fail to achieve goals

7 Reasons Why Some People Fail

Everyone in the life struggles for success. Some struggle for achieving good grades in exams while others for a better social status. Some struggle for power, others for love. Many people struggle to achieve a better character….