Articles by Faiez Moharkan

how technology makes us dumb

5 Ways Technology Makes us Dumb

Most People are of an idea that they belong to the age of technology. They are proud of their i-phones and laptops that reduced the burden of their minds and changed their life drastically. They…

fail to achieve goals

7 Reasons Why Some People Fail

Everyone in the life struggles for success. Some struggle for achieving good grades in exams while others for a better social status. Some struggle for power, others for love. Many people struggle to achieve a better character….


Sweet Confession About My School Teacher

After a friend of mine asked me, Hey Faiez! You often keep looking for stories around and encourage people to share their story. If you really think everyone has a story to tell then why…


Slap Aamir Khan Turns To Kiss Aamir Khan

Recently after Aamir khan’s comment on intolerance resulted in a development of a website by some people where you could virtually slap him. But just a few hours ago, I tried accessing but now…