About Us

We are a group of young students who always find new and interesting ways to do something good and innovative. Only study, study and study becomes sometime boring so in search of some opportunity to mingle our passion in tech with a hobby for writing  and yes of course to benefit our society as well gave birth to DigiKashmir which is an e-Magazine which is an online social platform to share, express and explore the talent. Digikashmir shares content that is related to society and that could help the society and benefit it. We also provide you an opportunity to speak out and express your stories, ideas, opinions and talent to inspire and motivate the community.

If you have something great to share or if you came across a news or have written a blog, created videos or posters and you feel it deserves to be covered on DigiKashmir, share it all here! Drop us an email at contact@digikashmir.in

• To provide a universal, social and easily accessible platform to those who want their voice to be heard.
• To highlight social problems ranging from individual level to society level followed by efforts to solve them.
• To highlight prevailing social evils and collaborating with people to eradicate them.
• Encouraging talented and skilled people to take their skill/talent to a next level.
• To highlight courageous acts or superior deeds done by some and inspire people.
• To highlight the importance of positive attitude in life and encourage people to be positive in all situations.

• To see Digikashmir as an organization that constantly strives to achieve the goals defined in our mission statement.
• Organize various events to help people come closer to each other, discuss their problems collectively and help finding solutions.
• Attract more and more people to be a part of our team for the benefit of the society.
• Conduct public and personal interviews to bring out new ideas, opinions and talents.