Buy Fidget Spinners in Kashmir at Lowest Price

Buy Fidget Spinners Kashmir

Fidget Spinners have become a trend all over the world. The spinner craze has not even spared the people of Kashmir. Here’s how you can buy Fidget Spinners in Kashmir at Lowest Price!

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It is said that fidget spinners help in relieving stress and calm the nerves. Although many people counter that thought but whatever be the case, spinning this thing is a pure joy!

These fidget spinners are so addictive that you can’t resist without buying one. Now if you live inĀ Kashmir and want to buy a fidget spinner, then you have limited options.

You can either buy them online or from some local dealers but in both cases you get them at very high rates.

We have got a solution for you. You can easily buy fidget spinners at very low-cost in Kashmir. We offer spinners to retail as well as wholesale customers.

Here are some of the fidget spinners you can buy. The spinners are listed in ascending order of their price. For exact price of each spinner, call us at: +91-8800546491.

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Plain Fidget Spinner

These are basic fidget spinners that you can buy. If you are looking for a low-cost budget spinner then this is for you. These tri-spinnersĀ are heavy and give a pretty decent spin.

LED Fidget Spinner

If you want to get a bit fancier, then LED fidget spinner is the thing you need to buy. LED fidget spinner is similar to tri-spinner but they come with coloured LED lights. These lights give a cool effect when you spin these fidget spinners.

Super Hero Fidget Spinner

The next fidget spinner in the buy list is called the Super Hero Fidget Spinner. You can buy this awesome five prong fidget spinner. Each of the five prongs is fitted with a metal ball which gives this spinner a bit extra spin time.

Batman Spinner

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Batman Spinner is one of its own kind. This spinner is shaped like a bat. This fidget spinner is in high demand due to its shape. Hurry! Don’t miss to buy this fidget spinner.

Metal Coated

These metal coated fidget spinners give a premium look. Although they look like metal but they are just metal coated. These spinners give perfect look and feel of being metallic. You can also buy these premium spinners at lowest price from us.

Full Metal

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These full metal spinners are class apart. They come in varying shapes and sizes but one thing they have in common is that they are made up of solid metal.

If you are crazy about fidget spinners then you definitely need to buy metal fidget spinners.

Bluetooth Fidget Spinner

This is the latest addition to our fidget spinner list. Bluetooth fidget spinners come with multiple coloured lights and an in-built speaker that can play music directly from your smartphone. The fidget spinner connects to any smartphone via bluetooth. The spinner also comes with inbuilt battery that can be charged using micro-usb charger.

You can buy this epic Bluetooth fidget spinner in Kashmir from us that too at a low cost.

Fidget Spinners at lowest price

As already mentioned in the post, we deal with retail as well as wholesale customer. You can contact us for any kind of queries by calling us on +91-8800546491.

You can also visit our office located at Hawal, Srinagar. Office timings are 10am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday. Hope this guide will help you to buy Fidget spinners at lowest price in Kashmir.

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