Reliance Jio Stopped Working Suddenly In Kashmir – Here Is Why

reliance jio stopped working

On 1st December 2016, Mukesh Ambani announced the Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer but many subscribers are not happy. Why? Not because of Happy New Year Offer! They are unhappy because Reliance Jio Stopped Working Suddenly . Many people are complaining that Reliance Jio is displaying “No Signal” since 1st December 2016. If you are you one of those subscribers, don’t worry! Just continue reading to know more.

[Please note that the problem is faced by many subscribers, not all. If your Jio Sim is working fine, you don’t need to panic!]

My Reliance Jio Stopped working. Why?

If your reliance Jio suddenly stopped working, then you are not alone. There are many people who are facing the Reliance Jio No Signal Problem. Yesterday, Mukesh Ambani announced the Reliance Jio Happy new year offer which is an extension of Jio Welcome offer. As per this offer Reliance Jio will continue to provide free calling, text and data services to customers till March 31, 2017. However the data usage will be capped to 1GB per day.
So, how is this related to my problem? Yes, it is related to your problem. To implement the Happy new year offer, Reliance Jio had to update its systems which led to interruption in services for many customers. We have contacted the Reliance Jio customer care regarding this issue and we came to know that the problem is being faced by some subscribers in Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab & Delhi-NCR circles.

So, is there any solution? You may have to wait for a day for the services to resume. Reliance Jio team is currently trying to resolve the issue. As per Reliance Jio customer care executive, the issue might be resolved within 24 hours. So, let’s be patient and hope that our Reliance Jio comes back to life!

UPDATE : Around 1,50,000 jio sims have stopped working due to no signal problem said a customer care executive and also said those facing this issue will have to get a duplicate jio sim card from any reliance digital.

Source : TheTechpert

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