Meet Zahid Shah – Founder at KFPF & A Black Belt In Karate


Tell us something about yourself ?

My name is Zahid Shah. I am an artist, founder of Parkour and Freerunning in the state of Kashmir, a commerce graduate,& 1st degree black belt in karate.

When you started with free running & why?

I started Freerunning in the year 2012 and the reason is because I find freedom in it, Freerunning is free from any rule which really is why I started doing it because I never wanted myself to be bound by the rules with Freerunning its just you and yourself no rules.

Being from a place where such things are not so common, who or what inspired you to go for this kind of sport?

My 1st inspiration was Ryan Doyle whom I saw doing parkour on Nat Geo. His skills attracted me towards it & it was the moment that inspired me to get into Freerunning. It is not a sport, its an art, so it just feels great to be involved in this art and after that my friends who later joined me and trained parkour and Freerunning with me has been the biggest inspiration.

How hard it was to master this sport & what is your message to our audience, what it takes to success according to you ?

To be honest I am far away from mastering parkour and Freerunning I am just a student of movement and through this art everyday I am realizing the new potentials on human body. Lastly I would like to say as humans we still don’t know the full potential of ourselves, I want everyone to believe in themselves, there may be darkness but at the end of the tunnel there is always bright light waiting for you.

Watch the video : Kashmir freerunning: Finding freedom in the art of parkour

Video Source : BBC News Youtube

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