Meet Danish Mehraj – A Boy From Pampore Who Will Amaze You With His Versatility


Danish Mehraj lives in Khrew Pampore and is pursuing his masters in computer applications from University of Kashmir. He is a boy with a multi-talented personality.

Have a look what Danish has to say about himself.


I am an app developer who develop apps for windows, android, Salesforce and different platforms. I have developed about 8 apps for new Windows 10 platform. I am one of those few people from Kashmir who have developed apps for new Windows 10 platform. Some of my best work which was featured on different websites was developing an app that translates and pronounces statements in almost all languages. I am working with Microsoft as ‘Microsoft Student Partner’ since 2012. I work with eCell IIT Bombay as College Representative. I have contributed a lot to Wikipedia and Google maps about Kashmir so that my Kashmir will be recognized all over the world. I am now moving towards a new phase in technology called ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’ of which probably least people in Kashmir are aware about it. In IoT, my work is in paipeline in making small interactive robots, embedding technology in minute things, home automation etc.  An interesting thing, I want to develop a personal digital assistant for myself like ‘JARVIS’ in Iron-Man movie which will assist me in my every activity by giving real life voice commands. When my digital personal assistant would be ready I would love to call her by the name ‘Intefem’.

Environmental and social activism

Apart from my academic field I am environmental and social activist. I raise the voices on different environmental and social causes. I was recently awarded in “Energizing Bharat Awards”, a national award given by Bharat Petroleum in the field of ‘Rural Health for my efforts in creating the awareness about the impact of dust and air pollution on people’s health and agriculture.  The award ceremony was held in NCPA, TATA Theater Mumbai and was played live on social media and other media channels. For the same I was even featured on a national magazine OPEN. I am also working with an NGO YUVA Unstoppable to provide free education to the students. I have visited different schools for driving educational sessions.

Citizen Journalist/Writer/Columnist

I have also worked as a Citizen Journalist with CNN-IBN.  I am also a columnist who writes for local dailies and magazines.


I love music. It is my magic of ears. I do not only sing songs but I also dance well and then upload it in on my YouTube channel. People mostly give me the compliments for my dancing and singing activities. I make the songs at home with my friends, we use simple instruments and a little polishing techniques like multimedia editors for singing and dancing to tailor them more accurate.

My passion is in technology/software engineering but I want to taste the flavor of every field that exists. So I love to contribute in every field apart from my passion.


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