From Mediocre to Microsoft


When I joined college back in 2011 I had never realized that 5 years down the line I would be somewhere many people in our small town just dream about being at. There is a general cliche in Kashmir that the government jobs are our sole source of bread and butter which is obviously an unfounded concept. In our aim for a comfortable and cozy life we tend to give up on the best that’s out there and end up being the mediocre, just like the masses. It was after college when I moved to Delhi, I realized that mediocre is just not for me. I was an average student in school and more so in college. Engineering just didn’t seem my cup of tea. Hailing from the posh area of Sanat Nagar and having passed my schooling from Burn Hall School, I Went to a God forsaken place called Rajouri to complete my graduation. There was not a point in my early years there when I did not regret my own decision though I did want to save on my parents donations and that’s why I primarily chose that engineering college over others.

There was an instance there and I recount when my paternal aunt had died and I had to go home urgently. I asked one of my friends to complete my assignment and submit it. He did and as luck would have it my assignment were audited for the first time in college’s history and they were cancelled on the basis of the fact that they bore someone else’s handwriting. I was awarded a zero in both my assignments leaving me a whooping 29 marks to get in my externals which was somewhat impossible considering the subject it was and the pattern of examination marking in the university. I cursed my luck and accepted the punishment. Naturally so I failed in the first attempt. In the second attempt I was a bit more confident but I failed again leaving me dejected and demoralized. It was in my last semester that I realized that this was actually the last chance that I had or I would waste my complete one year. I decided to shape my own destiny. In the summer break when the whole batch of mine went home, I decided to stay back and work hard. I did and I thrived on that. I passed but it was later that I realized that this had been a blessing in disguise.

Even though I initially cursed it as my bad luck it had made me change my approach to life. I started taking things more seriously. Went out of my comfort zone and came to Delhi. Worked hard and made a cut in a Microsoft process where I am currently working for the Office 365 line of business. There is a plenty to learn here and its sinking in. Though the road has been rocky it feels good now.

P.S : Adversities bring out the best in you. Its how you decide to tackle them. Come out of your comfort zone and you will succeed.

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  1. umais mushtaq khab | April 13, 2016 at 5:19 pm | Reply

    Love you bro. Stay blessed. M happy for you for sake of almighty. May Allah subhanawatallah gives you more.ameen with all of us

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