Quota for Hajj 2016

Quota for hajj 2016

According to a circular by Haj Committee of India, following are the details of seats allocated under different categories all over India:

Sr. No. Categories No. of Seats
1. Original Quota 94,070
2. Seats reserved for states where applications are in excess of their allocated quotas 2,500
3. Seats for all other small states and UTs that received excess applications against their allocated quota 500
4. Additional seatsĀ for Jammu and Kashmir State 1,500
5. Additional seats for Lakshadweep 250

Details of Quota for Hajj 2016 (Jammu and Kashmir)

Muslim Population 8,567,485
No. of applicants 32298
Original Quota 4679
Additional Quota 180
Quota for small states and UTs. 0
Special quota for J&K (and Ladakh) 1500
Total Quota 6359
Surplus seats 0
Final Quota 6359
Excess applications 25939
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