Everyone teased and taunted him but he never gave up up his passion of Designing


Shahid Rashid, a young guy from Kashmir, was very fond of Designing from his Childhood.
As Shahid Rashid was from village, despite of that fact, was not able to push up his passion of Designing to its full. Moreover, no one supported him to mark his steps on the particular track. Even almost everyone teased and taunted him.
The passion of designing in him didn’t die, and he carried on with the saying “Have faith in your work and trust upon Allah”.
Shahid was dreaming a dream to complete his schooling and then take admission in some prestigious Designing College and to remain under the internship of Manish Malhotra (famous Bollywood Fashion Designer); but the destiny chopped down his whole dream and was corrosively admitted in a Management school, in order to please the family. At the same time, his passion to pursue Fashion Designing Course was growing at an exponential rate, so he applied for Fashion Designing Entrance Examination without seeking the permission from his family. No doubt he was selected but the fee was too much. But as the Thirsty Crow teaches us “Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way…”. Shahid sold his costly possessions and went for “Door-to-Door Mehendi Designing” without making his family members cognizant that he is doing all this for the sake of paying fee for the Designing Course. Shahid moved on with two tasks, viz Management Education and Fashion Designing; although both the tasks were pugnacious and arduous.
Shahid won the “Best Textile Designer Icon” Award at IIFT. Conclusively Shahid Rashid completed his course of Fashion Designing, Fashion Management, Fashion Journalism and outcropped in reputable and satisfactory cusp. However it was not that simple; Shahid suffered very much and sacrificed a lot inorder to gain the title of a “Designer”.
Shahid Rashid presently owns his own brand namely “SRB Style Statement” approved Globally, have two shopping sites of his own. He has now tied-up with very reputed International Brands – “Jimmy & Jorden”, “Allen Solly” and “Ricod Sordi”.

Shahid promises to bring the old Kashmiri Tradition back with some innovative Tadka, and produce it in the International Market.


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    Best Of Luck For Your Future Buddy…

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