Four Characteristics Of Toxic Parents


Parents are the most loving and the closet people we have in our life but at times some parents unknowingly be a threat to their children.Such parents are termed as toxic parents by Psychologists.They are not aware that their negative behavior can have an ill effect on the psychological aspects of the child’s development.

Four Most Common Characteristics Of Toxic Parents Are :


1.They interrupt you all the time

Such parents often do not let the child speak his mind and are always interrupting and imposing their view points.

2. The constant blame game

Here the parents tend to blame the child for every problem encountered in the family. It may be a petty issue like say for example the television is not working. Automatically the parents put the blame on the child without even understanding what the child wants to say.
Also, toxic parents blame their child for their personal problems like bad day at work, fight with their partner etc.

3. Comparing and Criticizing

This type of toxic parent keep criticizing and comparing his child with others (mostly include neighbors and relatives), lowering his/her self esteem and hindering her emotional development.

 4.  Over- sharing 

They keep telling their child everything and every time as if child is reborn every day and his/her memory needs to be reset every  morning.Over doing on something causes mental stress in child mind impacting his psyche and in the long run hampers the proper development of the child.

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