A Heart-Wrenching Incident But An Inspiration For Millions


Aamir Hussain Lone was just 8 years old when he lost his arms in a tragic accident but this didn’t lower his determination. Today at the age of 26, he is the captain of Kashmir state’s para-cricket team. The incident was a big shock to Aamir and his family. The accident took place in his father’s sawmill and the irony is that the mill manufactured cricket bats!

The accident took place in 1997 when Aamir was taking some food to his brother who worked in the mill. “I used to play with the sawmill machine, but on this occasion both of my arms got entangled in the machine.”Suffering extensive injuries, Mr Hussain Lone was taken to hospital, where he remained for three years. The accident had a devastating effect on the family, who sold everything to pay the medical expenses. Aamir’s father, Bashir, said, “I had my own sawmill and we used to manufacture our own cricket bats. But after the accident, I had to sell everything.”

aamir-hussain-lone-bowls-with-feet-holds-bat-between-neck-and-shoulderFinally, after returning home, he joined school but encountered many problems. According to Aamir, his grandmother motivated him to go to school. “A teacher even told me that this school was not meant for [disadvantaged] children like me.”

Even after having suffered too much, the passion of cricket remained and he used to play with his friends. He learnt the sport for 2 years. Aamir’s playing style is quite unusual. He holds the bat between his neck and shoulder and bowls using his toes. According to him batting was too much of a problem but bowling this way is a miracle and he somehow managed to learn it. Today when he is the captain of state’s para-cricket team, he says that Sachin Tendulkar is his inspiration and he wants to play like him.

Recently, Rahim Greens has signed-up Aamir Hussain Lone as a brand ambassador for climate change. “The idea is to engage people in saving the environment, climate change is needed, and we feel Aamir can be a better person to connect with the youth, ” Greater kashmir qouted Abdul Hameed, CEO of Rahim Greens having said this.

The story of Aamir is both heartbreaking and inspiring. We wish him best of luck for his future.

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