The Girl Who Has To Eat Every 15 Minutes To Stay Alive


Elizabeth Ann Velasquez was born on March 13, 1989 in Austin, Texas. She was born prematurely and with a lot of complications.

Lizzie has 0% body fat and she would never be able to gain more weight.She is suffering from a very rare syndrome that only two other people on planet are reportedly known with.

She has to maintain a very strict diet by eating multiple meals a day with the total intake of over 5000 calories.

Despite of suffering from such terrible experience, she did not gave up.She is a well established writer and a public speaker and an inspiration for millions by showing her stand against bullying for physical appearance. She had been a victim of bullying during her life time, so she took a stand against to save others from going through same.

Lizzie already has her co-authored biography released in 2010 in Spanish and English as well as “Be Beautiful, Be you” in 2012 that promotes the inner beauty of people versus the outer shallow appearances.


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