Teen orders laptop for Rs 14,000 online, gets brick


17-year-old boy from Tamil Nadu’s Villupuram district who ordered a laptop online from a popular e-retailer for Rs 14,090 was shocked when the delivery man handed him a package with a brick.

By the time the B Balachandar recovered from his astonishment on Wednesday, the delivery man had left the locality.

When Balachandar called the delivery man on his cellphone, he claimed that he was far away and could return only in the evening. The teen lodged a police complaint.

He also contacted the etailer and told them what had happened. The company’s representatives said they would make inquiries and contact him within 48 hours.

Balachandar told police that he placed an order for a laptop after seeing an advertisement on December 22. He received the package at 11.30am on December 30, he said, and paid the delivery man in cash before opening the package.


Source : timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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