Nearly 70% Of Women Have Nomophobia : Know If You Are Suffering From It Too


Technology is a blessing but unknowingly we are become victims of new phobias and syndromes that took birth with rise in emerging technology. Along with the good side, we have to accept it is a curse too.We are 24*7 connected with our tech gadgets like our smartphones in common and it feels so modern to have expensive smart gadgets in hand but the dark reality is that we are getting involved in many mental illnesses that are often neglected.

Nomophobia is one such mental illness caused by technology, or lack of it. It is described, simply, as the extreme phobia or fear of being without a mobile phone or without a signal on one’s phone.

The fear of being without a mobile phone stems from addiction. When a person feels physically or mentally dependent on anything, s/he cannot find a way of stopping that addiction.

Nomophobia means no mobile phone phobia and is commonly seen with smartpone user, around 77% in teens.

There is another smartphone syndrome which creates a state in mind that makes a person feel his phone vibrating in his pocket due to the very long contact of mobile phones with body.



Have a look at the infographics about NOMOPHOBIA.

nomophobia.jpeg (1)


Hope you are not among those users who wake up and the first thing they do is to check their mobile phone.



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