Kashmiri boy plays the childhood part of Aditya Kapoor in “Fitoor”


Aditya Roy Kapoor is playing the character of a Kashmiri boy in his next movie ‘Fitoor‘, which also stars Katrina Kaif in it.The shoot of the movie is also done at Valley as well. But, let us also inform you about the fact that Aditya’s young age role is played by one local Kashmiri boy as well.

Yes, it is true. It is told that the casting had so many auditions for that role in Mumbai and Delhi. But, when they met this Kashmiri boy, they realized that he will be the best to do this role. The name of that boy is Mohammad Abrar. ‘Fitoor’ movie’s sources also confirmed that many audition were held for this role. But, he is the perfect choice for it. The whole team is very happy with this casting.

Source : bollyvisionnews

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