Do You Know That A 100 Rupee Note Can Make You A Millionaire, Read How


Have you ever in your wildest imagination thought that a single 100 rupee note can make you a millionaire, if not then think of it now because the story you are about to read will change your perspective of looking at your currency notes in your pocket.

You won’t believe that there are people who exchange currency with at a much higher rate, even though both money having same denominations.

Not everyone transacts with the currency they have but some people know how to convert someone else’s  hobby into bucks of profits by just being a little aware of the serial no. on their notes.

I am not talking just in the air, E-bay, number one e-commerce portal in the world has many such examples where people auction Indian currencies of  rupees 1 rupees to 1000 which starts from few lakhs and goes up to several millions of rupees.

Some people love to collect currency which is antique or having a unique serial on it and some people consider no.’s like 786 lucky enough and paying lacs for a single note is not a matter of concern for them.But really, I am a bit confused, who is lucky in real sense, the one who buys a single note for lakhs or the one who sells  it and enjoys the luck of the buyer. 😉

Still don’t believe me ? Have a look.



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24 Comments on "Do You Know That A 100 Rupee Note Can Make You A Millionaire, Read How"

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