I was bullied because I was overweight and stammered while speaking


In a conversation with radioandmusic.com, Rj Nasir revealed why he opted to be an RJ and his story will inspire you.

“Frankly speaking I did not have a plan ‘B’. So, I knew that I had to be an RJ. However, let me tell you a bit of my back story. I had a stammering issue throughout my childhood and it even managed to make space in my teenage years. Moreover I was overweight so, I was teased and bullied by most of the kids in the school. Hence, subconsciously I had decided that I’ll do something where I would have to talk.

I stammered till _52677003_nasirthe age of 17 but after that my school changed and the kids I was studying with too changed. So, there was no bullying around and that gave me the space to move out of the shell. I was always good in studies so in the new school I became the vice captain. That made me a bit confident about myself. The next good thing that happened to me was my first girlfriend. All these things boosted my confidence and I got rid of the stammering.”


His problem of stammering didn’t stopped him but acted as a factor of encouragement and he ended up being an RJ who once couldn’t speak properly. He gets paid whenever he speaks. That’s the real spirit and everyone should learn don’t let your difficulties overpower your abilities. There are no limits and disabilities except that in mind. Have faith,  and don’t let negative people effect your success. That’s it !

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