How to type ‘SALL ALLĀHU ʿALAY-HI WA-SALLAM’ in Arabic in Word


As the use of technology has increased in every field, so has it in religions and more specifically in Islam. Muslims are obligated to say  (SALL ALLĀHU ʿALAY-HI WA-SALLAM) whenever they hear or write the name of last and final messenger and prophet, Mohammad  (SALL ALLĀHU ʿALAY-HI WA-SALLAM). This leads to a very common question among Muslims, “How to type SALL ALLĀHU ʿALAY-HI WA-SALLAM” in arabic.

It’s very difficult to type it in Arabic and it becomes more difficult when you are using an English keyboard. So how to do it? Here’s an easy solution:

  1. Open Ms-Word and type ‘fdfa'(without quotes).
  2. Holding alt key press x. (i.e, Alt+X).

It’s done.

If you are curious to know how it happens, let me tell you that it is possible with the help of UNICODE. In case you don’t know what it means, ‘Unicode’ is a computing industry standard for the consistent encoding, representation and handling of text expressed in most of the world’s writing systems. Whether it is English or French or Arabic, every character that can be typed, is assigned a Unicode. Don’t worry if you don’t understand it. Just remember that ‘fdfa’ is the UNICODE for SALL ALLĀHU ʿALAY-HI WA-SALLAM.

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Some other Arabic words/phrases you may like to try:

Arabic Phrase/Word English Transliteration Unicode
Allah FDF2
Sall Allāhu ʿalay-hi wa-sallam FDFA
Mohammed FDF4
Akbar FDF3
Rasool FDF6
Jallajalaalahu FDFB
Salla FDF9
Wa-salam FDF8
Alayhe FDF7
Salam FDF5
Qala FDF1
Salla FDF0
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