Carbonated Drinks and Health

carbonated drinks

Nowadays, we often see people, especially youth consuming carbonated drinks (like soft drinks). It is quite disturbing when we consider the how toxic they are to human body.

Some toxic compounds that are found in these carbonated drinks with their ill effects

SUGAR: The average soft drink has 10 tsp of sugar per can.That’s a huge amount! There are lots of ill effects of having excess sugar besides increasing your weight. Some of these ill effects include – Diabetes, Impaired Immune System and Chronic Diseases.

CARBONATION: Carbonation is the process of pumping carbon dioxide into water or other liquid. All of us know from our elementary level scientific knowledge that carbon dioxide is a waste product of cellular and food metabolism and our body wants to expel it and consuming these carbonated beverages means to add further waste product to our body. So the point to ponder is that why should we add waste product to our body? Carbonated beverages interfere with the stomach acid, hence leading to improper digestion which in turn can lead to further disorders and diseases.

ASPARTAME: We hear a lot of people saying, “I drink just diet soda!”. Yes it is true that diet sodas contain a less amount of sugar than regular soda, but still they are a hazard as they contain another concern, aspartame – a low calorific artificial sweetener that is capable of lowering the body’s metabolism which is similar to conversion of a 400 calorie meal to 800 calorie meal! Some other ill effects linked to aspartame are convulsions, insomnia, irritability, weakness, dizziness, and mood changes.

FOOD DYES: Most of these beverages contain artificial food dyes. Some of them are even harmful for human consumption. Some are even associated with certain cancers also.

PHOSPHORIC ACID:This is something which causes the soft drink to bubble and fizz.As the name implies it is an acid and has a burning effect (of course one which you can’t feel much!). Besides burning you from inside it can alter body’s sensitive phosphorous-calcium balance. There is a mechanism in our body which makes calcium to be released from our bones to balance proper pH balance in blood and the presence of phosphoric acid in our body can lead to the weakening of skeletal structure and hence osteoporosis. The Journal of Adolescent Health in 1994 reported a strong relation between consumption of cola beverage and girl bone fractures.

By all this I don’t mean that we should completely eliminate the carbonated drinks from our diet. I know that’s not possible. However the consumption should be minimized.

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